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Il discorso del Presidente Mattarella

The Committee for Life “Daniele Chianelli” is an association that was born in Perugia, October 26, 1990, by a group of parents who, having experienced the painful and disturbing experience of the illness of their children, felt the need to intervene more directly in carrying out activities to support the public structure and to be close to those who suffer and struggle for life.

On March 31, 2016 the center was visited by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella, , who defined the association as “an example to export”.

The main aims of the Committee for Life Daniele Chianelli are: the support of the care, social and psychological assistance of the children and adults patients who are admitted to the department of Hematology and Onco-hematology pediatric hospital Perugia, as well as providing global assistance to families who assist them throughout their illness.

Where do we carry out our activities?

  • in the Pediatric Oncohematology department of the Perugia hospital
  • in the day hospital of Hematology
  • in the residence “Daniele Chianelli”, the structure, composed of thirty apartments, which houses the patients and their family members, at no cost of rent

What do we do?

  • we support scientific research in the field of leukemia, lymphoma and cancer
  • we take care of all the necessary expenses so that the medical and nursing staff can attend training and refresher courses
  • we organize trips and recreational initiatives for children of pediatric oncohematology
  • we donate equipment to the healthcare companies of our region
    In 25 years we have invested more than 15 million euros for public health and for the support of sick and families

Perugia, excellence in the field of hematology


The collaboration between the Hematology Institute of the University of Perugia, directed today by Professor Brunangelo Falini and the Weizmann Institute of Israel directed by prof. Yair Reisner has led to the creation of an innovative technique to carry out bone marrow transplantation even from non-compatible subjects raising our small region to the highest international levels. Thanks to this new procedure, born in Perugia in 2001, adults and children, they have recovered from a disease not otherwise curable even in the most prestigious national and international hematological centers.

The Committee has contributed to the realization of the “Andrea Fortunato” Transplant Center, an area of hospitalization destined to stem cell transplants and to the treatment of acute pathologies, including 40 rooms, each with a bed and all equipped with devices to reduce infections to a minimum of environmental origin.